:: A New Tradition since 1999


“The good things started from the get-go when house shopping with New Tradition Homes.  As a military family, we in fact began looking for homes on the internet more than 6,000 miles away.  It was the management of New Tradition homes website, the virtual tour made by Anthony and the communication that began our journey with pursuing further interest with New Tradition Homes.  The ability to make an easy connection and the service provided to help us better understand the home made New Tradition Homes at the top of our home choosing list.  In fact, New Tradition Homes were the ONLY homes we looked at. Without haggling, we are now proud first time home owners who have been continuously serviced by New Tradition Homes.  Any minor issues that we’ve encountered have been fixed right away – no delays. The ability to make such a quality home in a decent amount of time is talent.  We could not be any happier with choosing anything other than the home we purchased made by New Tradition Homes.  We thank the building team, the partners they chose to help build and the sales individual!”

~Garrett & Natalie N.
Orchard Lakes

~Jay & Lisa B.