:: A New Tradition since 1999

About New Tradition Homes

A dream. The vision of what can be.
Your new home. A dream come true.
At New Tradition Homes, we help you realize your dream in a simple way. in 1999, we set out to do something not every builder does: a turn key home to fit your budget and style. No hidden options, upgrade assumptions, bells & whistles, and unfulfilled expectations. People want their home buying experience to be simple and fun. We offer many options and upgrades in our base home packages. This makes it easy to enjoy the home building experience knowing you don’t have to worry about whether you get a garage door opener, 8 lb carpet pad, highly efficient furnace, sump pump in the basement, and on and on and on. It is our commitment to provide a home you can afford and be proud of.


Over the past decade, New Tradition Homes has developed a more efficient building process through painstaking research with reduces costs by investigating each “stick and brick” that goes into the building process. Our processes are designed with Volume Control, Waste Management, Quality Checks, and Effective Scheduling built into them, allowing us to give you more home for less money.


We provide more for your money up front, meaning we start with more upgrades in our homes. With options like:

  • 3/4″ double glazed Low E Argon windows
  • Zoned Heating & Cooling with 2 Story & Basement
  • Finished Garage in our New Tradition series homes
  • Professional installed sod front/side yards


Building a new home doesn’t have to be stressful and intimidating. When you build with New Tradition Homes, we work hand-in-hand so you’ll know what to expect during the construction phase. We are there to answer your questions and ensure clear lines of communication exist in order to make your building experience more enjoyable.

By putting in the extra from the beginning, we can offer you a home substantially bigger than any other home in your price range, without ever cutting corners.

The bottom line? More square feet. Less money. More Upgrades. A more enjoyable building experience. And enough space for your biggest dreams.